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Monday, November 11
3:45pm EW107 [EDUCATION WORKSHOP - $50 FEE] Workforce Central: Editing Timecards After Sign-off with WFC v8.1.3+ Historical Corrections (Repeat) Monday, November 11, 3:45pm - 5:15pm show more Description Do you need to edit timecards in signed-off pay periods? Do you wish there were an easy way to edit or delete these corrections? Do you want to preview the impact of a historical correction before applying it? Attend this hands-on session and learn to perform these tasks and more with the redesigned and greatly enhanced WFC v8.1.3 Historical Corrections feature. Come see how this feature can enhance your experience with editing signed-off time. You’ll learn how to:
• Identify the basic configuration required to enable historical corrections • Perform historical corrections to a signed-off timecard and preview the impact before saving it • Review Historical Corrections via the Historical Corrections and Audits timecard add-ons • Edit and delete historical corrections in a timecard Product(s) Workforce Central Category Tips, Tricks and Techniques Session Type Education Workshop Industry All Industries Required Fee There is a fee associated with this session. You may reserve a seat in this session during registration on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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