WC129 Workforce Central: Workforce Timekeeper Maintenance Best Practices

  • Wednesday, November 13, 8:30am - 9:30am
  • Description:
  • This session is designed for frontline supporters of Workforce Timekeeper servers, and it will also benefit administrators who are new to Workforce Central maintenance. We’ll focus on need-to-know technical tips to ensure your Kronos solution is a properly maintained and well-performing application. You’ll learn what factors to consider when performing updates, cleanups, and general maintenance.
  • Session Type:Kronos Expert
  • Room:Juniper 1, West Level 3
  • Learner Outcome 1: Learn database administration basics to ensure the database is set up for the recommended maintenance
  • Learner Outcome 2: Understand and manage the various Workforce Central and related component logs and events
  • Learner Outcome 3: Learn about system updates and restarts, from operating system patching to planning routine or urgent system restarts
  • Audience: Workforce Central
  • Industry: All Industries
  • Category: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • Prerequisites: No
Bill Oldham

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