WC198 All Customers: Using Change Champions to Drive Deeper Solution Adoption; with Mary Greeley Medical Center and GES

  • Tuesday, November 12, 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • Description:
  • Join us for a discussion of how customers are leveraging the power of their own people to manage change and drive deeper solution adoption. This panel discussion focuses on real-world examples of how customers have created change champion groups and how those groups have helped the project succeed beyond go-live.
  • Session Type:Panel
  • Room:Pinyon 2, West Level 1
  • Learner Outcome 1: Creating and managing a change champions group
  • Learner Outcome 2: Tips and tricks for keeping the group engaged
  • Learner Outcome 3: Lessons learned
  • Audience: All Customers
  • Industry: All Industries
  • Category: Customer Stories and Successes
  • Prerequisites: No
David Ross
Michelle Lichtman
Kari Pape-Rosentrater
Mary Greeley Medical Center
Penny Bellville
Mary Greeley Medical Center

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