WC102 Workforce Central: Attendance Management — Tackling the Third Rail of Workforce Management

  • Monday, November 11, 11:30am - 12:30pm
  • Description:
  • Just like the third rail of an electric train, attendance management provides energy and power to the effectiveness of your workforce management program. In this session, discuss how attendance management can take your solution to a different level.
  • Session Type:Kronos Expert
  • Room:Pinyon 7, West Level 1
  • Learner Outcome 1: The costs associated with employee absenteeism
  • Learner Outcome 2: How Workforce Attendance can help manage absenteeism
  • Learner Outcome 3: Learn the right questions to ask and supporting tools that help your organization establish clearer attendance management
  • Audience: Workforce Central
  • Industry: All Industries
  • Category: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • Prerequisites: No

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