Alanna Fincke

SVP, Director of Content

  • Industry:Tech
  • Interests:Supporting people in making healthy changes and thriving in their lives

Alanna is a health and wellbeing expert, who helps people build their resilience and coping skills, bringing about long‐term change in their health, wellness, work performance, and the full spectrum of their lives. As meQuilibrium’s Director of Content, Alanna is particularly focused on making the powerful sciences of resilience and cognitive behavioral therapy accessible and understandable for all people. She is passionate about how technology can support the development of new habits and behavioral changes that enable people to thrive.

Alanna has worked in the health and wellbeing field for most of her career—in the media leading wellness brands, as a speaker and on television as an expert, and as a yoga teacher. A content and strategy leader with extensive experience as an editor and writer, Alanna has worked at some of the world’s largest and most recognizable media brands, including Elle magazine, Us Weekly, and Martha Stewart Omnimedia. 

She lives outside of Boston with her husband and two children.


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